Overtime x Converse
Part of Converse's Creative Series

Feat. @everybody_hatechriss @maxwellpearce @michaelpurdie (IG)
Basketball + Good Vibes = A Great Time! Shout outs to Converse for the dope event! There is nothing like professional dunkers; saw dunks I’ve never even seen NBA players do!
This video took many tries to export and get just right. I counted around 10 exports, though that was from just one day. Trying to get the color just right while changing things here in there, such as aspect ratio and dunk timing. The edits and cuts themselves took a great deal of time, but I had plenty of fun in doing so. This was probably my best video yet (in terms of editing).
Photo of the timeline.
While I always use multiple video streams to so I know a change in scenery, this was the first time I thought to color code each "scene" (in this case each dunker). This made it far easier to pick which dunks to use when and especially not to repeat the same person too many times. I also weeded out the missed dunks by color coding and sorting as well.
Some practices/skills 
key framing playback speed for speed ramping, marking audio for more accurate & appealing cuts, as well as transparency & motion for camera shake effect to name a few.
Cover Photo
I also hadn't taken any proper pictures during the entire event. So I decided to take screen captures from the video. Down side to this is I couldn't get good clean looks of their faces.This was another reminder for me to remember to use higher frame rates as much as possible, especially to limit motion blur.
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