Arnold Kamazima, Nate Lowmiller, Jonathan Marcaly, Caitlin Schiattareggia, Minqian Xia
Josephinum Academy is an all girls catholic school in Chicago, IL
Our IMS 414: class was tasked with doing a full site redesign.

Current Josphinum landing page.

Few initial points:
Trouble driving donors to the donation page
Lack of content for prospective families
Needs to be more informative but still convey a culture
Highlight results of going to Josephinum such as the high college acceptance rate
IB program not highlighted enough on the site
Non-cohesive Information Architecture and lack of site map
Our goal was to redesign the Josephinum website to make it more intuitive for the three main target audiences: prospective families, donors, and current families by focusing on the functions and information they look for the most.
Heuristic Analysis, Competitive Analysis, In-Depth Interviews, User Personas, Usability Testing
Heuristic Analysis
This analysis was used to find how Josephinum did in certain categories. Through all our analyses, the site scored 64/100 (Moderate). The analysis looked into: features & functionality; homepage; navigation; search; and more.
Few takeaways:
Information Architecture needed improvement.
Search did not function well and was hard to find (bottom of site)
Competitive Analysis
We compared Josephinum's website to 8 similar private high schools, most of which were suggested to us by the client, to see good practices for websites of similar schools. Those schools were included: St. Ignatius Chicago, Regina Dominican, Mercy McCauley, Lake Forest Academy, Noble Street College Prep, Cristo Rey, Holy Trinity, & Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
Change "Donate" to "Give" for navigation to the donations page.
Utilize footer more, include sitemap
Inforgraphics & Pictures
In-depth Interviews
We ran 6 in-depth interviews with parents who were currently in the process of starting a child in high school.
Word of mouth and social events are the primary ways parents get information about the school, so parents use school websites to find contact information, open house dates, shadow days, and parent events.  
“I mainly got information through word of mouth and also talking to the contacts given on the website.” (Dora)
“I didn’t have to look at the school site much for information because I was able to get it through other avenues.” (Sarah)
Donors want to see a compelling mission statement, genuine school pictures throughout the site, and quantitative information about the school.
“I often visit the websites to do research before donating. I like to see a compelling mission statement, images, and data and numbers to see who it is effecting.” (Sarah)
User Personas
From the research, and interviews especially, we created our users personas. We created one persona for perspective family and one for a donor.:
Preparing for the redesign
Idea's for home page. Each of us were tasked with making 3 different potential versions of the homepage
Idea's for home page. Each of us were tasked with making 3 different potential versions of the homepage
Suggestions for second and subpages
Suggestions for second and subpages
Usability Testing
We ran 5 usability tests through on initial site redesign, which was a low fidelity prototype. Each test took an average of 23 minutes. Usability Test Script
Participants had trouble finding information and statistics on the school
Our original header was too cluttered
“I didn’t even see the apply button the first time I looked at the site”- Graham
“Why are there so many icons and purple in the header?” - Pam
Participants did not like the sub navigation, almost never used or noticed it
Only 1 out of 5 participants used the side navigation regularly
Non cohesive style and user interface issues
The site was to transnational and not relational
“It seems like this school really wants me to apply or donate and doesn't care much about anything else”

Homepage. More information shown above. Image slider with compelling statistics about the fold. Cards with links to most important portions of the site, especially Who We Are & Visit Us

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